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Football Player in Position
Football Player in Position

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Welcome to Alumni Football USA©. We are a group of football enthusiasts dedicated to reuniting former high school football players. This is our 40th anniversary, we have been hosting alumni football games across the United States. If you are ready to play again, get signed up, and we’ll get you on the field.

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Our Philosophy

Reunite former high school rivals in an unforgettable full-contact football game.

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We Have Everything You Need to Play

Our organization provides the equipment and space you need to play full-contact alumni football.

  • Field
  • Full Equipment
  • Officials
  • Insurance
  • Announcers
  • Emergency Personnel
  • Video Personnel

A Great Time for Fathers and Sons

Alumni football players range from 18 years and up. Many teams consist of father and son combinations representing their former high school. Bring the kids to show them Dad’s still got it!

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About Us

Bob Cazet

Bob Cazet

Founder and President

Bob Cazet, M.Ed., the founder and president of Alumni Football USA©, has been coaching football and softball teams since the 1980s. He has a master’s degree in education.

As a former teacher in the California school system, he discovered that sports programs were generally the first to go in tight-budget years. His love for football, teaching, and coaching led him to create a business model that benefits schools and former high school football players. Since the start of the School-Partner program in January 2010, schools have been praising Alumni Football USA© for the increased revenue without any cost to the school. Alumni Football USA© has raised over 3 million for charity across the country.



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