Alumni Football USA


James Harrison - Giving Back

     What NFL Pro Great James Harrison from the Pittsburgh Steelers was able to give back to his former high school football teammates last Saturday Night was...HIMSELF. Harrison escorted his alumni high school football teammates onto the playing field for one more glory day game put on by Alumni Football USA®.

    James could be seen from the sidelines cheering on his teammates and handing them fist pumps, pointers and encouraging accolades. Harrison's body movements showed emotion as guys on the field made that all important tackle or stretched themselves to the limit to make that all-out effort catch. James enthusiasm for his teammates from the sidelines was reciprocated at half-time when his coach presented him with a throw back jersey from his high-school team. The fans were appreciative that James was there to share the moment and his team wished he could be there on the football field playing the game with them. The good news is thanks to Alumni Football USA® there is always a decade from now for James to look forward to.

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