Alumni Football USA


Cowboys Stadium: Living the Pee Wee Football Dream



"It's like... my biggest dream...for REAL!" 

"This is...the ACTUAL Cowboys Stadium right here!" 

Needless to say, these kiddos are thrilled to be living the dream: playing football at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Organized by Texas Alumni Football USA, the pint-sized athletes are heros as they hit the famous field to the delight of their family and friends in the stands. Some kids drove 6 hours the previous night or super early game day morning in order to be here. 

Some of the pint-sized cheerleaders were probably up before the sun to get their hair in ribbons and curls. 

It’s not game day without Mom & Dad. And Grandpa. And Grandma. Aunts, Cousins, Sisters, Brothers- everyone came out to enjoy the big game for the little guys! Some of them got REALLY into their team spirit:

The game was organized by Tim Bishop and his crew at Texas Alumni Football USA. Getting to make this happen for these little guys is awesome. We have the best job in the world, this is what we LOVE to do. 

Some of the littlest fans were overwhelmed with all the excitement :)