Alumni Football USA


Alumni Football USA goes to Hollywood...via Denton, Texas :)

Right now, there is an awesome movie being filmed called One Heart. It is an amazing, true story about a football game that changed lives. We like football games that change lives, too- so we are thrilled that Alumni Football USA equipment is being used in the making of this movie.

Do you know what that means? It means, when you strap on the pads again this year and hit your football field, you may be getting tackled in the

same shoulder pads worn by one of the stars in the movie.


Pretty legit. 


(Lone) Star: The (other) Walk of Fame....


We decided to take a little field trip to the set in Denton, Texas to see our gear in action. Alumni Football USA President and Founder's wife Michell Cazet (Mrs. President)

and this Media Relations Coordinator got to see the action up close from our favorite vantage point: the bleachers. That's right, we hit the stands as extras, doing what we love best:cheering the guys on as they hit the field.

This time, though, we were being watched. The Friday night lights glowed even brighter under set lights and we learned how to “pantomime-” cheer without sound for some of the shots.

Being an extra is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of time and a lot of retakes for a 5 second shot. Be looking for us in the movie. We're the small red and blue dots in the stands, cheering with all our hearts. (And if per chance we're not- give us a break, it was 2 am and we'd been at it for 7 hours.)                               

(We'll be about this ^ big in the opening scene :)


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