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Madison County 45 : 14 Monroe
7:00 am Saturday, Nov 17, 2012
Madison County High School
This was a well fought bitter rivalry football game between Madison Mountaineers and William Monroe Dragons that never stopped to the end of the game.  These guys played their hearts out like they were back in high school.  You could hear the pads a popping all over the field.  This was a moment for these true players from both sides to prove that they still had it in them and from my point of view these guys know what football is all about.  The game consisted of football pounding drives all the way to the big play capabilities.  These two teams never gave up because they were playing for school pride, there present team, families, the fans and for the love of the game.  Just like in any football game the team that makes those 5 big plays wins the game and that is what Madison did.  They made the plays when they had to and came out with a decisive 45-14 win. The only thing these two teams left on the field was the desire to play again.  With the bitter history and the hatred against these two teams had against each other, they played like true men.
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Madison County
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