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Western Alamance 14 : 0 Eastern Alamance
7:00 pm Saturday, Apr 05, 2014
A hard hitting battle between cross county rivals, Western Alamance came out on top with a 14-0 victory in front of a great crowd !! Both teams were well represented in numbers and effort, this victory did not come easy as Eastern Alamance played strong defense all night but couldnt capitalize on a couple drives into Western territory!! Western Alamance was led by linebacker Mitch Mitchener on Defense , Quinton Richmond on offense and Brian Vaughn on special teams. Nigel Carlton was named Overall MVP for Western Alamance. All and all the whole team played a strong and inspired game! Eastern Alamance was led by Maurice Torain on Offense , Isaac Austin on Defense, Matt Smith on special teams , and Overall MVP Shannon Smith.  A terrific game by two great communities and teams of men, cant wait to see this teams take the field again and see who comes out on top!!
Western Alamance Eastern Alamance
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