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Alumni Football Game
PCM 26 : 10 Knoxville
7:00 pm Saturday, Jun 02, 2012
PCM High School
400 E Highway 163, Monroe, IA
Saturdays game was a blast had by all the Alumni for both PCM and Knoxville. While 75 players lined the field eager to relive the glory, roughly 1100 spectators filled the stands with anticipation. After 4 quarters of back and forth football, and the last of the specatators left the field, the curtains were brought down on the first annual Alumni football game for PCM and Knoxville Alumni. After the game awards were handed out to both teams. Here is the list of Players honored: PCM OFFENSIVE MVP - Justin Van Wyk DEFENSIVE MVP - James Nolin LEADERSHIP AWARD - Shannon Hazelton KNOXVILLE OFFENSIVE MVP - Dylan Schrader DEFENSIVE MVP - Matt Rider LEADERSHIP AWARD - Troy Rider The best award we always save for the end... ~~~~OLDEST PLAYER ON THE FIELD~~~` SCOTT EVANS Age: 62
KNIA / KRLS"Knoxville vs. PCM Alumni Football Game set for saturday in Monroe"
PCM Knoxville
$ 1,100
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$ 1,580
Pre-Sale Tickets
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Total        $ 3,050Total        $ 1,580