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Alumni Football Game
McDowell 15 : 17 Mitchell
7:00 pm Saturday, Oct 27, 2012
McDowell High School
Battle of the Mountain: McDowell Alumni v. Mitchell Alumni. It was Saturday night, under the lights one more time for these Alumni Men.  There was a storm before the game.  The players were left with a damp field and a crisp cool October night.  GAME ON!!! 1st Quarter:  This was a quarter filled with lots of action on both sides of the ball.  Both teams were getting their hits in from years of anticipation.  McDowell put together a late 1st quarter drive that lead to a touchdown in the opening 2:00 minutes of the 2nd quarter. McDowell 7: Mitchell 0 2nd Quarter:  After the McDowell Touchdown, the game got serious.  Mitchell put a drive together that resulted in a touch down.  They went for 2 but failed to convert. McDowell came back and scored with a long pass, but there was a flag on the play and the touchdown was not counted. McDowell 7: Mitchell 6 Halftime 3rd Quarter:  Mitchell came out in true 1A style and pounded the ball down the field.  Only to be stopped in the redzone.  Field goal would result in the lead for Mitchell. McDowell would be shut down in this quarter. McDowell 7: Mitchell 9 4th quarter: McDowell came out throwing the ball for the 4th quarter.  Another touchdown pass in the endzone, to only be called back for another offensive flag.  Mitchell stopped their drive and came back with one of their own. They went for 2 and was able to convert. McDowell 7: Mitchell 17 McDowell was driving down the field.  McDowell in the redzone, looking to score to take the lead.  Only to throw an interception.  Mitchell took over on the McDowell 25.  2 plays later they fumbled and McDowell took it in for a touchdown!!!!  2 point conversion was good. McDowell 15: Mitchell 17. Mitchell recovered the onside kick, only to turn the ball over after 4 plays.  With under 4 minutes left in the game, McDowell put a drive together that resulted in another touchdown pass to be called back because of an offensive penalty.  Mitchell put up a defensive stand that resulted left McDowell with no where to go.  Mitchell took over the ball with 1:21 left in the game. Final Score: McDowell 15: Mitchell 17 This game was nothing short of a Battle.  Both teams fought hard and left nothing on the field. McDowell Awards: Offensive MVP: Turner Kincaid / Defensive MVP: Davon Gardner / Special Teams MVP: Sami Mehovic / Oldest Player: John Manis / Game MVP: Josh Addison Mitchell Awards: Offensive MVP: Clint Myers / Defensive MVP: Curtis Willis / Special Teams MVP: Harley Silvers / Oldest Player: Mike Wood / Team MVP: Jason Grindstaff  
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