Alumni Football USA






" Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed participating in the Ellet vs. Springfield alumni game. The experience took on a life of its own and far exceeded my best expectations. Of course it didn't hurt that we walked away with the win. Thanks again for all of your ideas and effort. We certainly hope to see you back in Northeast Ohio next year. "

Nick Novoselich
Ellet High School '95, Ohio


" I'm so glad you guys brought it down here and hope you do bring it again because I'm ready to play again! Thanks for the great experience that I thought would never happen. "

Erick Escobar
Gadsden Panthers, New Mexico


" I had the time of my life. I can not describe what a real football game can do for an almost 40 year old .lol , This game led me to get in better shape. I lost 40 pounds before the game I was at my High School playing weight, Anyway I am going to keep losing and working out to get ready for next year. "

Jay Beck #66
UMS, Alabama


" I forgot to tell you guys,just how much I appreciate the opportunity you created for me to play ball again. I think sometimes men think just because were a lot older, our days of competition are over, not true. At 54 I am playing next year for sure. Your staff was professional, and great to hang with. Thanks again. "

Donny Bevill
-, Texas


" Wow! That pretty much sums it up! I had a blast watching my hubby play football! Im glad I got the chance to see what he was like during the season in High school. I have to admit I was a little nervous/anxious right before kickoff. Although, as soon as he was on the field and he had his first hit, I was hooked. I hope he is able to play in years to come! Thank you for giving him the opportunity to play (and me to watch). Thanks Again. "

Lisa Harbaugh
Manchester, Ohio


" I had played in the Manchester/Coventry game a few weeks ago. I would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into running a seamless operation. And giving my wife a brief look into my past. I met her well after high school. And she always heard the stories from me and my buddies about the good ol days. But she never understood. Until you guys rolled into town. Now that she has seen and experienced a game day. And seen how my personality changes on game day. She gets IT. Now she wishes she had known me back in high school. She said she would have fallen in love with me harder than she had. Once again THANK YOU. And I hope you come back next year. "

Terry Harbaugh
Coventry, Ohio


" I would love another shot at them. Im 47 and have always dreamed of getting that shot and you guys can give me that opportunity. We lost to them 0-7 my Jr. year and 13-15 my Sr. year. A little story for you: My dad played for Winters and went on to play basketball at Texas Tech and my mom was the head cheerleader for Ballinger. After they were married Dad always told her that they would have boys that would beat Ballinger. Well, they had three boys and none of us accomplished it for him. He is in his mid 70s now and I would love to have the opportunity to be able to walk up to him and say Dad it took me 30 years, but I got it done for you. "

Scott Billups
Winters High School, Texas


" You guys did it! What a great event! You delivered a class act to my community. We needed that shot in the arm. Pride is restored. We are all walking a little taller, our chests sticking out just a little farther. "

Mike McMaster
Redding, California


" I am having a blast and now I get to play with my son. I just want to to say thanks for bring the games to Alabama "

Rob Kranick
West Morgan, Alabama


" Many thanks again! The football game continues to send ripples of inspiration throughout the community. From every street corner through every church, school, and business, it's all about 'How Great Was That Game?!' (We didn't even get a copy of the paper because they sold out so quickly!) Even when we go to the grocery store, we factor in an extra half hour for alumni football talk which has been without exception full of laughter and not just a few tears of pure gratitude for the experience and the awesome 'buzz' of remembrance created in the hearts of so many people. "

Lucy Harris
Gilmer vs. Pickens, Georgia


" We went to the game my brother played in on Oct 26 in Concord NC Central Cabarrus vs Mount Pleasant, he was class of 86, I was class of 89, my sister was class of 94 and our dad was watching and was class of 67! He also played football in high school but wasn't able to pay due to injures that he had gotten in high school that has caught up with him now. Our entire family (12 of us) had a wonderful time and hope that you'll come back next year so we can see our brother play again. He had a wonderful time and can't stop talking about it. Thanks so very much! "

Rhonda Coley
Central Cabarrus vs Mount Pleasant, North Carolina