Alumni Football USA


Alumni from ALL schools can now sign up for FULL-CONTACT GAMES for the 2018 SEASON!

Former high school football players: Put on the pads and play in one more full-contact football game. Yes, this is for real! We have organized over 1200 games in 31 states in the past 33 years. Open to all alumni 18 and older. You practice without pads. We supply all football equipment 3 hours before game time! High school rules, referees, 12 minute quarters, announcer, etc. Games are scheduled on a first come first served basis. 

Call Chuck Hulke 319-930-1651 if your team is not listed on the game schedule. Teams with rosters of 25+ paid will “Get Back in the Game!”

“You Better Get Ready!”

“Crunch Time is Back!”

Recent Game Video
OmagM9Ub6ps Cook County vs. Cook County
Jul 1, 2017
am0dZMidq1Q Cook County vs. Cook County
Jul 2, 2016

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11Cook County Grand Marais
1Apollo St. Cloud
1Glencoe-Silver Lake Glencoe
1Martin County West Sherburn